Smart Forms


How does your business capture leads from the web?

If you’re like most businesses you have probably contracted a web developer to build, modify and maintain your online forms, and have assigned one of your employees the task of manually re-entering the data into Act! each time a new entry is received. This is time consuming and open to error. 

There is a better way!

Smart Forms is an integration between the popular Wufoo Online Form Builder and Act! that enables you to easily import form results without the need to re-type data. By integrating with Wufoo we can deliver the power of a mature online form builder and focus on the important stuff: integrating with Act!

Learn more about Wufoo here and check out the Smart Forms feature list below.

What you need

To get started you will need:

  • A Wufoo subscription: Create your forms using the Wufoo online form builder; Wufoo offers a free account, 100 entries per month, and paid plans start from as little as US$14.08 per month (or US$169 / year) with 1000 entries per month . You can sign up to Wufoo via their website

  • Smart Forms: Smart Forms connects your Wufoo forms to Act! so you can easily import data without the need to manually enter it yourself. Prices listed below…

  • Act! v12.0 or later

Pricing & Download

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Important Notes:

This pricing does not include your Wufoo subscription.
More information about Wufoo can be found here.


  • Unlimited imports/updates

  • Ability to create or update Act! records from form entries

  • Notifications in Act! when there are new entries

  • Ability to override field values with custom text

  • Record import/updates to history and attach form entry

  • Attach files from a form entry to Act! Documents tab

  • Map multiple Wufoo fields to a single Act! field

  • Create an Act! Opportunity from a Wufoo form entry

  • Add contacts from a Wufoo form to a group in Act!

  • Automatically import form data

  • Create an Act! activity from a Wufoo form entry


Creating a Wufoo Form

In this video we cover how to create a dynamic form using Wufoo.

Importing Form Data to Act!

In this video we show you how to set up Smart Forms, configure your first form and import data into Act!