Welcome to Free Act! Addons

In here you will find a list of free! Act! addons that you can use with your Act! database, the listing below shows a description of each addon in addition to which version(s) of Act! each addon is compatible with.

Addons listed on this page are free. However, they require you to sign-in to your Xact Account which can be done from within the product, new registration is free.

Feel free to browse this section and download any addon(s) that you like.


Minimum Requirements:

All our addons works with the following requirements:

  • Act! 2010 and later
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5*
  • Internet connectivity for product activation (account sign-in)

* .NET Framework 3.5 will be automatically downloaded by the Setup application if required.

How to install

  1. Download the .zip file and un-zip the content into any folder
  2. Make sure Act! is not running
  3. Run "setup" or "setup.exe" file in the folder in step 1
    Windows administrative priviledges may be required for this step.
  4. Follow through the installation process
    If Act! was not installed in the default folder, or if Act! for Web is installed, you will need to specify the correct folder.
  5. Run Act!
    A greeting dialog should appear if installation was successful and is running for the first time*.

* if greeting dialog keep appearing when Act starts, make sure to use the plugin at least once, usually by opening the newly added menu item.

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New! Lookup Company Contacts


Use Xact Lookup Company Contacts to perform one-click lookup on contacts with the same company name.

Updated! Opportunity Tools


Xact Opportunity Tools allows you to:

  • Update multiple opportunities
  • Create duplicate with recurring option
  • New! Option to create contact history record when an opportunity is modified (Tools - Opportunity History).

Note: If you have previous version installed ("Opportunity Updater & Duplicator"), please uninstall it first.

New! Email Changer


Use Xact Email Changer to find and replace multiple contacts email domain (e.g. company name).

Activities Colorizer


Use Xact Activities Colorizer to automatically assigns color to activities based on Act user(s)


Append Remove


Use Xact Append and Remove to quickly append or remove value from a field of multiple contact records

GMail Button


Use Xact GMail Button to send an email through the default GMail window, directly from Act contact details.

Company Linker


Use Xact Company Linker to automatically links company and contacts with the same name.