Custom Solutions for You!

Act! is a great tool for managing information about your Contacts, Companies, Activities and Sales Opportunities however there are some situations where you may like to also record other important information in the database or bring in additional functionality to streamline your business processes. This is where custom development may be required.

Check the some sample of the customisation solutions we’ve developed;
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Custom solution: "Service Management"

This solution was required for an organisation that supplies and services electrical appliances. Many of their customers are on service contracts and therefore need to store and mange contract details, machine details and service request details against an organisation. They also required the capability to search and manage their machines, perform advanced reports and print service requests using a custom template.

Bring Act!'s full potential

Over the years we have developed a large number of addon solutions to support a variety of business processes. In fact, most of the addon products we now sell started from addressing our own business needs. Typically custom solutions fall into one or more of the following categories:

Storing and managing people and "things" from within Act!: As Act! is a contact database it does not support "things" out-of-the-box. Examples of "things" include products, items, or anything else that you might want to assign to a contact. See our Vehicle Management and Service Management solutions for real-life examples.

Bring additional functionality into Act!: In many cases businesses have unique processes that require them to perform certain tasks that aren't available in Act!. Our Project Tracker and Time & Billing developments are great examples of how we were able to introduce unique business processes and tasks to Act!

Link to external applications and data sources: If you have a system or process in place that exists outside of Act! but still relates to your contacts then this is the type of customisation you will need. Our Accounting Links and Advanced Dashboards are perfect examples of solutions that enable users to view and/or manage external data from within Act!

Take a look at some of our previous projects and you will see the variety and complexity of solutions that we have been able to create, and if you think a custom solution is what you need contact us to discuss your requirements.


Custom solution: "Vehicle Management"

Having already had Act! in place U-Sell wanted to customise it to better handle vehicle management. U-Sell staff wanted to view all of the vehicles and vehicle details for each customer from within that customers contact record. They also wanted to be able to search and create reports based on specific vehicle details.

Benefits of working with Xact Software

Experienced developers with extensive expertise in developing custom solutions for Act!

A site specific custom development where the number of users does not determine the price.

Remote access to your site so most, if not all of our installation, maintenance and user training can be delivered via the internet making distance irrelevant.

For overseas customers take advantage of exchange rate differences and receive a quick turnaround of smaller projects with the time zones working in your favour.


Custom solution: "Project Tracker"

Users can create one or multiple projects for an opportunity. Within each project users can assign a status, opportunity and external documents folder, and view, create and manage activities associated with the project. There is also an activities summary area which measures the total number of activities and the total duration.