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Xact Link for ACT! and Xero 2.1

Upgrade from version 1 and receive an additional 6 months subscription on 12 or 24 month plans.

Link ACT! with Xero, the world's easiest accounting software! The Xact Link for ACT! and Xero helps you operate more efficiently by eliminating dual entry of data and exposing most of Xero's functionality directly from ACT!.

ACT! is a great complementary product to your accounting system because it is specifically designed to help you manage communication and build relationships with your customers. You can use ACT! to nurture your prospects, send email blasts and track communication between your staff and your customers then easily push them to Xero when they become customers using our addon.

Once contacts are in Xero you can still use ACT! as your day-to-day customer manager and have the added ability to view Xero account details, raise invoices and more! All from within ACT! - you don't even have to open Xero.

>> Learn more about the ACT! Software

Read what our customer's have to say:

The Accounting links by Xact Software are the best in the business. Whether it be connecting ACT! to MYOB, QuickBooks or Xero they have the right product and their support is excellent. It’s a pleasure to work with a Software company that not only supports you after the sale but welcomes feedback and rapidly improves the product.
- Darren Flood, Evolution Marketing

Pricing & Downloads (free trial included)

Important Notes:

  • Pricing for this product is based on a per user basis.
  • This pricing does not include the Act! software. More information regarding Act! can be found here.

United States

Subscription USD
(per user)
Monthly $9 (no tax)
Annually $85 (no tax)
2 Yearly (over 40% savings!) $129 (no tax)
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New Zealand, Australia & United Kingdom

Subscription NZD
(per user)
(per user)
(per user)
Monthly $10 + GST $9 (no GST) £5.5 (no tax)
Annually $105 + GST $85 (no GST) £49 (no tax)
2 Yearly (over 40% savings!) $159 + GST $129 (no GST) £79 (no tax)
Download Download Trial Download Trial Download Trial


Introducing the Xact Link for ACT! and Xero
Learn how to integrate the world's no.1 contact manager to the world's easiest accounting system with the Xact Link for ACT! and Xero.


ACT! desktop and web version:

  • Import Xero contact records into ACT!
  • Link any ACT! contact(s) to an existing Xero customer or supplier record
  • Update a Xero contact record directly from within ACT!
  • Create a new Xero contact record from within ACT!
  • View customer and supplier invoices for a given Xero contact from within ACT!
  • Create customer and supplier invoices from within ACT!
  • Filtered view of invoices that are familiar to Xero users
  • View, print, or save invoice PDF to ACT! history and documents

ACT! desktop version only:

  • New! Now using Subly subscription - giving you the flexibility to pay monthly, annually or biennially
  • New! Contact (customer & supplier) overview tab
  • Export ACT! contact records to Xero
  • Import Xero inventory items to ACT!
  • Use an auto link wizard to establish a connection between your existing ACT! and Xero contacts
  • New! ‘Linked contacts’ lookup function
  • New! Support for Xero “Payment Terms”
  • New! Define what Xero operations each ACT! user can perform with User Access Control


XLAX Authentication XLAX Contact Details XLAX Transactions XLAX New Invoice XLAX Print Preview XLAX Settings: Options XLAX Settings: Invoice Template XLAX APFW Contact Details XLAX Settings: User Access Control


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