Most companies today are running their business using a variety of software programs and the need to tie these systems together is becoming increasingly important. Using the XData API you can integrate these systems with ACT! and run your business more efficiently.

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Take Control

Current business processes that interact with ACT! could be complex, time consuming, and involve lots of unnecessary paperwork and duplicate data entry. The XData API provides you with the tools to redesign that interface into something that better suits your needs.

>> Read our case studies for real life examples


If ACT! runs your entire organization the next logical step is to get customers or vendors interacting with your data to improve efficiency. For instance, allowing change of address information directly in ACT! by your customers takes the workload off your organization.

>> Read our case studies for real life examples


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XData - The API for ACT!

XData is an API for ACT! that makes it easier to connect to 3rd party systems and access ACT! data and functions via the web.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions and standards that developers use to access a software application.

An API is best thought of as a connector for a software system. This connector is designed to make it very easy for 3rd party developers to build their own product / integrated solutions  without having to learn the details of the software and have experience developing for the product. As a result development becomes easier and faster, and the software system becomes significantly more extendable.

Why does ACT! need an API?

ACT! needs an API for these reasons:

Product Extensibility:

With an API, integration with other databases and processes can be more advanced and provide big efficiency gains. An API removes the need for manual intervention and similar outmoded processes such as import/export and synchronization.

Make ACT! more broadly available to the development community:

With an API, developing good quality integrations and custom solutions will be faster and easier because developers don't need extensive knowledge of the ACT! SDK (Software Development Kit). As such you have a wider choice of developers, perhaps even your own web developer.

Many competing CRM products already have an API:

To be competitive with other CRM’s such as SugarCRM and ACT! needs to have more accessible and easier integration. The best way to achieve this is via an API.

What others think about the API

"The quality and ease of use of the XData API was at a level that we expect from any good developer. I am happy to add this to our portfolio of tools & look forward to using it again."

- Cam Stewart, Phosphor Essence
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"Thanks to the XData API we now have a streamlined solution. The time savings have been huge and our level of customer service has increased dramatically."

- Anthony Tomson, Eco Insulation
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Addon Products

Xact Software is a leading developer of addon products and integrations for ACT!. The XData API is just another application to add to our diverse range of products which include accounting links, an advanced reporting addon and a time & billing addon. We also produce a range of of Free ACT! Addons including our popular Gmail button and Edit > Append plugin.

About XData

XData is an API for ACT!, built by Xact Software in June 2010. It is designed to enable businesses and developers to leverage the power of ACT! via the Web. XData makes certain data and ACT! functions available via the web and can also be used to connect 3rd party systems to an ACT! Database without the need to have ACT! installed locally.

How is XData provided?

XData is offered as a service by Xact Software and is charged via a monthly fee. You can choose to host your own Act! Premium database or host with us at a competitive rate. For more information on pricing for the API service email

What about security? There are many ways security can be established and managed when using XData -read about them here.

What can XData do?

Enable integration with other systems: Unlike a plugin or addon, integrating with other business software tools using the API can provide a greater level of automation. Manual import/export processes, usually processed by an end user, can be carried out without any intervention and the API can trigger ACT! to perform certain functions such as create a new activity or opportunity.

Provide ACT! functionality on the web: Using the API data and functionality from ACT! can be available via the web in an interface designed specifically for your business requirements. Whether you have a set of complex business processes that you wish to simplify or if you want to give customers/vendors access to their own record data via an online portal, the API makes this possible.

Read our XData Case Studies to see how some of our customers are already using XData to simplify and improve their business processes.

How does it work?

Example Triggers

  • Submit an online form
  • Log in to a customer or vendor web portal
  • Integrate with a 3rd party product/service

Available Events

  • Display data from your ACT! Contacts, Activities, Opportunities and Custom Tables
  • Create or update an ACT! Contact Record
  • Create an Activity
  • Create an Opportunity
  • Send an Email

For example:

Trigger / Event

New prospects fill in a form on your website asking you to contact them regarding one of your products/services.

  • A new record is created in ACT! (or if the contact already exists it is updated)
  • A new opportunity is created with the products/services listed against it, and
  • An activity is scheduled for one of your sales reps to phone the prospect.

Customers log in to a web portal via your website.

  • Customers can view & update their ACT! Records
  • View upcoming Activities and schedule new Activities
  • View past sales (i.e. Closed – Won Opportunities) and the progress of current opportunities (i.e. Stage)

Service/support staff log the details of a job on-site via an online form.

  • A new opportunity is created for the customer: it is labelled as ‘invoice sent’ and the services and costs are listed in the products/services tab
  • An email is sent to the customer with a professionally formatted invoice attached
  • The activity is cleared automatically

What next?

If you’re interested in using the API in your business you’ll need to contact us in the first instance. From there the process will be as follows:

  1. Determine if the API is appropriate: put your ideal application on paper and send it to us, we can then work with you to determine if the API is suitable and how it will work. If you’re looking for ideas have a read of our case studies to see how the API is being used in other businesses.
  2. Find a developer: Xact Software offer development services and can work with you to provide a solution, you can also choose to contact your own developer and we will provide them with an API key to use on our demo database.
  3. Build the solution: You will work with Xact or your developer here to fine tune your project and test it so that it is ready to release.
  4. Go Live: When you’re ready to go live contact us and we will set you up with a competitive hosted solution and provide you with an API key. For pricing information email

XData Developer Info

XData was designed from the ground up to be easy to pick up and learn by any software developer with a reasonable knowledge of XML and HTTP Web requests. whether you develop in ,C# , Java or PHP (or any other language) you can use XData and utilize it to incorporate CRM functionality into your applications.

Getting Started

Full documentation and sample code is available for developers who wish to learn more, you can start using XData right now by signing up with Xact Software and requesting your API Developer key.

Request an API key

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