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Version 4.2 is now released!

We are pleased to offer the latest update to Xact Link for Act! and QuickBooks, version 4.2, which includes substantial feature improvements. The update applies to USA, Canada and Australian and New Zealand versions of the software.


The new features are:

  • Completely new process to create PDF documents from within Act!, includes invoices, sales orders, estimates and sales receipts. This provides for significantly improved quality in the PDF produced.

  • A new ‘Invoice Copy’ process allowing a simple invoicing workflow for repeat billing to customers on a frequent or regular cycle.

4.2 new features screen 1.PNG
  • Added a new Quick-Link facility to match and link vendors in QB with their equivalent records in Act!. Previously this was only available for customer record linking.

4.2 new features screen 2.PNG
  • Added Price and Cost information into the stock module.

4.2 new features screen 3.PNG

To upgrade to this version, download the latest version from and install over the top of your existing version. All templates and configurations will be saved in the upgrade process.