Live Demo: Act! Premium for Windows

Experience Act! and test-drive our products without installations!

Step-by-step guide:

1. Click here to download XactDemo.rdp, open the file after completed.

2. Choose Connect


3. Select the type of demo by typing user name, refer to the list below.



  • Demo for Act only (no addon)

  • QBLinkDemo for Act with QuickBooks Link addon.

  • XeroLinkDemo for Act with Xero Link addon.

  • AccredoLinkDemo for Act with Accredo Link addon.

  • XactAddonDemo for Act with Time and Billing, SmartDash, Trip Planner addons.



Enter password letmein for all the user names above and choose OK to proceed.

Note: If you can't change the user name or if you have previously used our demo, you may need to click More choices and select Use a different account to allow entering user name.

4. Allow a few minutes for Act to load until login is displayed:


Use the same login from previous step.

Do not enter password (leave blank)

Choose OK to proceed.

Simply close Act when you finish.

Notes and directions:

  • Each demo session is limited to 55 minutes, contact us if you needed extra time

  • Please use the already opened Act! database and refrain from creating or opening another database

  • Apart from "My Record", feel free to create and modify Act contacts

  • Exploring all the functionality of the product in encouraged but do leave the Act and addon settings unchanged.

Whats next?

We also offers a downloadable fully-functional trial version that can be installed on your machine.