Live Demo: Act! Premium for Windows

Experience Act! and test-drive our products without installations!

Step-by-step guide:

1. Click here to download XactDemo.rdp, open the file after completed.

2. Choose Connect


3. Select the type of demo by typing user name, refer to the list below.

  •  Demo for Act only (no addon)

  • QBLinkDemo for Act with QuickBooks Link addon.

  • XeroLinkDemo for Act with Xero Link addon.

  • AccredoLinkDemo for Act with Accredo Link addon.

  • XactAddonDemo for Act with Time and Billing, and SmartDash addons. 

Enter password letmein for all the user names above and choose OK to proceed.


Note: select More choices - Use a different account if you have previously login using a different account name.


4. Allow a few minutes for Act to load until login is displayed:


Use the same login from previous step, except for XactAddonDemo login as Demo.

Do not enter password (leave blank)

Choose OK to proceed.

Simply close Act when you finish.

Notes and directions:

  • Each demo session is limited to 55 minutes, contact us if you needed extra time

  • Please use the already opened Act! database and refrain from creating or opening another database

  • Apart from "My Record", feel free to create and modify Act contacts

  • Exploring all the functionality of the product in encouraged but do leave the Act and addon settings unchanged.

Whats next?

We also offers a downloadable fully-functional trial version that can be installed on your machine. Refer to the product page for downloadable installer.